ELG Gin No. 2

Elg Gin No. 2 is an “Old Tom” gin. The term Old Tom comes from from Tom Chamberlain, also known as “Old Tom”, who was the master distiller and partner of Hodges Distillery at the beginning of the 19th century.


Elg Gin No. 2 is based on the same three distillates as Elg Gin No. 1, to which is added an alcoholic extract of juniper berries. Soaking dried juniper berries in 50% pure wheat alcohol for four weeks produces the extract. The result is a dark brown extract containing a wide variety of flavours and sweetness, which are removed in the distillation process.


Drink it neat, “on the rocks”, or enjoy it in drinks with ginger beer such as gin and stormy.


Elg Gin No. 2 has won many awards, including silver at IWSC 2018, double gold at CWSA 2017 and silver at IWSC 2017, as well as Gold at the Frankfurt Trophy 2020.

  Frankfurt Trophy 2020

IWSC 2019 Medals

>5, 50 & 300cl. 46,3% Alc. Vol.