ELG Marc

Elg Marc is distilled from marc left over from our own wine. The grapes that we use for winemaking come from the distillery fields on the shores of Lake Esrum in Denmark. After they have been gathered and pressed, there is a large amount of grape skins and pips left over that still contain wine. This left-over pulp is referred to as “pomace” or “marc”. We distil this marc in a column still to ensure that only the purest and highest-quality liquor is collected. This is a painstaking process which happens under the constant, watchful eye of the distiller. After distillation, the alcohol content is reduced to 40% and then bottled in “old” apothecary bottles. We produce only 30 to 40 litres annually. This type of drink is better known by its Italian name, grappa. However, in Germany, this drink is called Tresterbrand, while French varieties include Marc de Bourgogne and Marc de Champagne.


50 cl. 40 % Alc. Vol