ELG Æblebrændevin

Our apple brandy is an extremely welcome accompaniment to coffee after a good meal. It is distilled from our apple wine, which is made by fermenting apple juice for approximately three weeks. After distillation, the alcohol content is reduced to 40% and aged in a medium-toasted French oak barrel, which gives it its surprisingly rounded, mild taste and gorgeous colour.

We select only the juiciest and tastiest apples in order to ensure that we produce the best and purest brandy possible – from the first drop to the last.

The brandy is produced in 180-litre batches and bottled in “old” apothecary bottles.

A well-known type of fruit brandy in France is Calvados, which can be made from apples or pears.


ELG Apple Brandy was awarded Silver at IWSC 2019 & 2020.

IWSC 2019 Medals IWSC 2020 Silver

50 cl. 40 % Alc. Vol