Absinth has its very own magic that has to be sought out in the plants that give the spirit a unique character. The foundation is extract of wormwood, supplemented by anise, star anise, hyssop and fennel. Wormwood is the very soul of absinth,as it contains the especially bitter substance thujone. However, the quantity of thujone is regulated so strictly that absinth today is fully comparable from a health perspective with other herbal liqueurs. Absinth’s fresh and distinctly liquorish character comes from the other herbs, one that certainly brings to mind a classic French pastis, although absinth’s aroma is much more complex. 

Absinth has appealed particularly to creative individuals, with not only visual artists, but also authors, poets and musicians enjoying a glass or two – not least during the Belle Epoque at the end of the 1800s. Some of wormwood’s ingredients are said to be very euphoriant, but it is without doubt the high percentage of alcohol that is primarily responsible for absinth’s inspiring psychological effect.


In ELG ABSINTHE is included wormwood harvested on the distillery fields.


The perfect serving can be ELG ABSINTHE with a little cold water and syrup, slowly dripping into the absinthe.


ELG ABSINTHE has among won silver outstanding at IWSC 2015.

Judges Tasting Notes
Light emerald green complexion. Clean, pronounced, lifted and expressive on the nose. Aniseed driven on the nose with an array of herbals notes. Sweet, powerful and weighty on the palate, with a delicious crispness and focus. A nice example of the category which ticks all the boxes.

IWSC 2015 Silver Outstanding

50 cl. 65,0% Alc. Vol.